Paper accepted on IMC 2020 Internet Measurement Conference

The paper “MAnycast - Using Anycast to Measure Anycast” was accepted to be presented on IMC 2020. Paper introduce “MAnycast” technique to identify anycast networks on the wild.

Existing methods to detect anycast IPv4 prefixes present accuracy challenges stemming from routing and latency dynamics, and efficiency and scalability challenges related to measurement load. We review these challenges and introduce a new technique we call “MAnycast2” that can help overcome them. Our technique uses a distributed measurement platform of anycast vantage points as sources to probe potential anycast destinations. This approach eliminates any sensitivity to latency dynamics, and greatly improves efficiency and scalability. We discuss alternatives to overcome remaining challenges relating to routing dynamics, suggesting a path toward establishing the capability to complete, in under 3 hours, a full census of which IPv4 prefixes in the ISI hitlist are anycast.