Paper accepted on CNSM 2020 International Conference on Network and Service Management

The paper “BGP Anycast Tuner: Intuitive Route Management for Anycast Services” was accepted to be presented as a mini-paper on CNSM2020.

In this paper, we introduce a new approach to anycast management. Our solution is based on active measurements combined with traffic engineering. We propose the concept of a BGP Cookbook that allows operators to forecast the effects of routing policy changes over their services. We also introduce a web-based interface, called BGP Anycast Tuner, that allows operators to gain insight into their service’s performance and provides easy management through automation. We evaluate our approach by implementing a prototype running in a testbed composed of 12 anycast sites covering 5 continents. We demonstrate our tool in two different use cases: discovering and fixing a sub-optimal anycast routing issue, and shifting traffic between continents, which is useful during service disruptions.